1. Relaxation and comfort The man can just lie back and relax. If you’re on top, he has fewer responsibilities. If he’s not having a good time, for example, he’s tired or sore, he’ll be more comfortable if you’re the one taking control that night. 2.

He will see you complete and will be more aroused If you are on top he can have a privileged view of your body without much effort. Instead, if he’s on top, he has to push himself up to see you in all your glory. 3. He can easily touch your tail This position is the most comfortable for him to be able to grab your tail with his hands.

However, if he’s a fan of your tail, this won’t be the best position as the puppy’s position will win. 4. The angle is unique Sitting on top of him is a very particular position that has its own angle of penetration, especially if you’re sitting down (like a cowgirl).

This angle of penetration that this position generates gives a unique sensation that you will not get in any other way. 5. You can immobilize it If you like to test and master it, being on top is a great way to assert yourself.

You can grab his arms and do whatever you want with him, he will love this and it will drive him crazy with love for you. 6. The rhythm of love